Tuesday, September 01, 2009

First day as an 8th grader!

I have to say, today went swimmingly! I had stayed up very late the night before (aka, last night) and yet I wasn't a bit tired...for the most part :P.

*quick thought* When I put a smiley at the end of my sentence should I put a period after it, or put it after the period, or just leave out the period completely? If you can answer this, please inform me with a quick comment! Please! This question has been haunting me from the moment I learned how to make a smiley. It just looks so odd having a group of punctuation marks all moshed together.*end quick thought*

Well, anyway, we didn't have to switch classes today (very, very good, considering the fact that I despise English class. I'm so bad at English! You guys might have noticed :P.)

When I got there I found Bry and KT and we hung out a little bit, when these two people came up to us and asked us if we could watch their cute little kindergartner until school started. Oh that little girl was adorable she was the shortest 4-year-old I've ever seen, besides maybe myself when I was four. She loved to jump around, let me tell you. We played a lot of hopscotch.

You see, at my school, in 8th grade, we are all assigned 2 little kindergartners, sometimes 3, to watch in church, and to play games with, and to watch out for, basically we're supposed to be like big brothers and sisters, which is great, because I love little 4-year-olds. They are the CUTEST things on Earth, and they are so funny. Hilarious, even. You should have seen them play kickball today. To them, that giant ball rolling towards them is like the boulder in that one Indiana Jones movie (love the movies, but oddly enough the title of that one is lost from my mind at the moment.) Off subject, whoops! Okay, so the reason I was telling you about the kindergartners is because I was going to say is that I hope that I get to be the big pal to the little cutie I watched this morning. It's kinda no point now, though because I got so off subject.

So, we basically spent 5 hours listening to all the rules, and how things work, and everything about the new computerized newsletter/report card/lunch menu/notice board. Then we spent 15 minutes in social studies setting up our study guides, and then 1 hour in art because we had nothing else to do, and then we played kickball and chalk with the kindergartners for the rest of the day.

I can't wait to find out who my little buddy will be. I really hope it's one of the funny, small, hyper kind that always act out in the cutest way possible, and then I want a small little playful one that follows rule well. Only because the first one reminds me of myself, and I can handle it, I'm good with tiny kids, and the second one because, how cute would that be?

A little shy kid would be cute too, but the shy ones always seem to think I'm stupid. Or scary, or weird...

Well, anyway, I'll get what I get and I won't throw a fit (who ever made that up has serious rhyming problems.) I love little kids so much. I would never want to work with them on a daily basis though, oi, what a handful!

I hear swine flu is supposed to kill us all this Fall. Great note to start the school year out on, isn't it?

Well, I have to go. I'm tired for once in my life, and I have algebra at 7:30 tomorrow.
Best of hope for the new year (despite swine flu,)

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