Monday, September 14, 2009

Go Pack Go!

Yes, the Packers, my favorite football team. We just barely won, by what my Dad says. Now here is the story.
Sunday night, first game of the season, bag of chips, a bowl of salsa. We're watching the game, all smily becasue, the Packers are kicking butt (not to mention the great interception by Jolly!) Then we start to fall back, a lot. Uh oh.
Now I, though a loyal Packers fan, don't enjoy the yelling from my dad following a bad play, so I retreat to my room around mid-game. I wake up in the morning to ask my dad how the game went, and goody-goody-gumdrops, we won! So now that's all I have for today, as school was dull, as was home. Wait, I do have a slight comment or two. My mom has streap and tonselitous, me and Jordan (my baby sister that is 9, not a baby,) have a cold, and last but certainly not least, dad is so fed up with us trying to get out of school that he made us a bet, well, no, more of a compitition.
Last one to stay home sick gets a prize, a big prize, such as my lovely digital tablet that I want so bad. I can do it easily, first off, even though I get sick often and easy, I have high pain tolerance, and I have strong will power. Kristen on the other hand cries when she gets poked. She doesn't get sick often, but when she does, my God, she wouldn't be able to handle school. Jordan is fragile like Kristen, so have this win in the bag. I think my parents whole idea behind this is to stop us from over-reacting sometimes. Like the time I stayed home from a soar throught.
Yours in illness,
Casey Lynn

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  1. Personally, I'm a fan of Crimson Tide! Grr, I guess. My basketball team is LA Lakers!