Saturday, September 12, 2009

Oi, I haven't written in a while.

Between school, homework, chores, other random things that come on my list before blogging, I'm amazed that I'm on right now! Let's go through my week then, shall we. Let's hope I remember it...

...Not sure, *thinks waaaaay back* I went to school, did some stuff, went home, did a mountain of homework for 4 hours. Yay?

Okay, I remember Wednesday fine. I was beat up by R3, multiple times, um, I was verbally abused by R5, as usual, and I got hit in the head with a volley ball, again and again and again, then I went home and did homework for 3 hour.

A mild version of Wednesday, with waaaaay less homework, oh and I had a late English assignment, because I neglected to write it down, and then forgot about it.

I was late for algebra, because I had stayed up till four reading a very good book, and then slept in, R3 hit me in the back, R5 smacked me with her lunch box a few times, R5 also verbally abused me, I caught 3/5 footballs in gym (I'm so proud, normally I'm very bad at sports, unless it's catching and throwing, then I'm good. I would have had 4/5 but I stumbled a bit on the last one and dropped it,) I lost in football, again. Even with the best player on my team, I dropped a low pass and R5 had to scream at me for that too, and called me a cocky lier (because I had said I was glad about catching 3/5 footballs in gym, keep in mind that those where long, high passes, I'm bad at catching low balls, high ones I can do.)
Then I went home, finished my book, neglected to do my homework because that's what Sundays are for. The End.

So that was my week, I left out Monday because I had no school that day (love labor day!) so nothing eventful happened.

That brings us all to today. I fell asleep in my cloaths the night before, then I woke up, ate, went on the computer all day, ate again, and here I am.
Exciting, isn't it?

I know it's not, but I assure you, Sunday will be better because I will be cleaning, and that is always interesting 'cause most of the time I face some unknown horror, such as a mountain of dog crap.

Quietly yours,
Casey Lynn


  1. Your Wednesday hasn't happened to me in years. Sorry about yours. Are R3 and R5 one of those pretty, popular, mean girls, or one of those big, cupcake eating, pizza face having, wrestler looking, muscle having girls?

  2. R3 Is this giant, scary looking girl, who if she wanted to, could eat the entire kindergarten class.
    And R5 is about as close to pretty and popular as you can get in a grade of only 14 kids, even though she's not that pretty (only 2 girls in our grade is attractive, must be something in the water.)