Friday, September 04, 2009

Today we had a picnic!

Today our school held it's biannual picnic. It was fun, nothing special really. Sad though, because it's the last one my class will attended (unless they want to help out with kindergartners on the first day of our Summer.)

Well, anyway, it went as usual, the 7th graders whipped our butt at tug-o-war, the SG3 (that stands for Super Glue 3, because it's 3 guys practically glued together, they even like to whisper in each other's ears at Lunch. Surprisingly, they're popular. Don't know why, but they basically rule the guy kingdom, same way The Robots rule the girls. I have to say though, it should be SG2, because SG #3 is literally the third wheel, except he's not a wheel.) *****OFF TRACK ALERT*****sorry. Okay, where was I, oh yeah, The SG3 break something, at least one person brings candy and at least one person steals it, then we eat hot dogs; carrots; applesauce; and sugar cookies, at least one person gets hurt, one person gets in trouble big time, and a group of five people throw a football over a fence, and occasionally into a window.

This year I will stand out though, because this year I, not intentionally, made a scene during tug-o-war. Our new gym teacher was announcing the rules for the tug-o-war competition, (as if we didn't know already, everyone there has been doing it the same way at the picnic since kindergarten,) and I spotted the cutest 2nd grader in the world, Manny, stealing Robot #2's candy. A shocker because you don't expect the most adorable 2nd grader in the world stealing candy, maybe Robot #1's little cousin, Emma, who hates me, and in fact is evil. (She called me weird, ugly, and told me to take a hike in one sitting, when she was in fact the one that came to us.) Well, anyway, I yelled out "MANNY, YOU LITTLE THIEF!!!" At the top of my lungs. Everyone stared at me, the entire school, plus a ton of teachers and parents. And the only noise you could hear was R2's (Robot #2) hysterical laughter.

Oh, BTW, know how I mentioned how The SG3 breaks something once a year, this year they didn't break anything, even thought hey might as well have. They took my digital camera and deleted all my pictures on it, and then took a stupid photo of SD3v2 (Super Glue 3 version 2.0.) So now I have no pictures of the last school picnic of my life to remember the time by, or to stick in here. I feel depressed now. D":

No, I'm not depressed, just disappointed. So I'm going to go draw, as I realize I haven't been doing so since school started. Not even notebook doodles. That, for me, is an amazing feat. I can't even sit down with a pen and piece of paper without the urge to draw, I guess my complete focus on homework *grrr* has me lacking in time to draw. Well, I have a three day weekend to burn, so let the fun begin!

Yours in ink,
Casey Lynn

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