Sunday, September 06, 2009

Ah, my lovely Saturday (I know it's not saturday, just read and you'll get it!)

Ah, Saturaday, possibly the best day of the week, besides Friday. I know you have school on Friday, but I mean the portion of Friday after school, it's like a mini Saturday, except for the fact that that's when all the good T.V. is on.
Well, anyway, I didn't draw yesterday, no idea why, I think I got distracted by something, possible a T.V. show, or a website. Dunno, I'm easily distracted so it could have been anything. I did draw today, though, wanna see it?

I don't think it's that good, but it's better than some of the stuff I've drawn...

***14 hours later***

Oh my God!, I think I fell asleep! Odd, I wasn't even up that late, well, according to my standards anyway. Well, what was I saying, Oh! I don't think it's as good as I can do, but it is better than some of my drawings. The head is way to big for the body. I always have that problem when drawing portraits, the just ends up huge and the body is somewhat normal, dspite the skewed anatomy. I just can't draw apendages.

Well, anyway, aside from my drawing, yesterday I did nothing, but surf the web, as I often do. I watched a little bit of iCarly, regretfully. I really do dispise the show, but you know how when something that you hate is on T.V., but you are too lazy to go look for the remote and change the channel? That's what happened with me. I am very often doing this, because as I've said a few times before, I'm lazy. If I was an animal, I would be a sloth. That's how lazy I am. I don't care though, because I enjoy my lazyness. Just imagine how horrible it would be if I was one of those over-busy people? I wouldn't be able to enjoy my lazing, instead my mind would be concentrating on what I should be doing at the moment instead of wasting my precious life on T.V. and computers, but I'm not that person, so I don't care how much life I waste doing this, because to me, if it's not either A.) Fun, or B.) Worth it's while, than it's not a waste of my life at all.

Well, I'm going to go, I hear the call of a sweet e-mail.
Your's lazily,
Casey Lynn


  1. I think you're a good artist. May I ask what the X on her arm is about?

    I like iCarly. I don't appreciate you a-hatin' on the show. :]

  2. Thank you, the x on her arm was caused by me accidentally making a line on her arm with my pen, so I turned it in to something, it looks kinda cool if you ask me.

    I don't really like iCarly becasue it just seems a little over the top, like they're trying too hard to be funny. I can see why you enjoy it though, because some people are fans of that kind of humor, I'm just not. I don't know why, but I seem to disagree with a lot of the general population when it somes to popular media.

  3. Well, of course they're trying too hard to be funny, they aren't exactly the best actors.... I tend to like over the top things.