Monday, August 31, 2009


Welcome! This is my first post, so I feel the need to introduce and explain.

I am Casey Lynn, born five minutes to midnight on groundhogs day, while the snow fell in Georgia. Now I live in Wisconsin and attend a Catholic school, where evil robots rule the roost. Those robots are really just girls without personalities. That's why I call them robots. They're nice, but I really just don't enjoy their company. They can be emotionally damaging without knowing, and they are always caught up in drama and gossip. I'm not very into that stuff, so I avoid it.

I have two sisters, Kristen who is in 6th grade, and Jordan, who is in 3rd grade. I have a mom who loves thunderstorms and a clean house, and a dad who loves the Packers and Brewers. I have they world's most adorable puppy, Roscoe, who enjoys biting my fingers when he's not sleeping, or chewing on underwear. I love him anyway.

I enjoy drawing in black ink, reading ( I adore the Harry Potter Series,) and writing (that's why I started this blog.) My favorite colors are all of them because I just can't make up my mind, my favorite animal is my puppy, and my favorite shows would have to be Mythbusters and America's Next Top Model. I love the movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic, and my favorite food is pizza and pasta. Loves me some Italian food! I practically live on my laptop, except when I'm doing chores, or walking my puppy. And that's all you need to know about me and my life.

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